Open Full Time Position: Ballet Teacher at Swedish National Ballet School

The Swedish National Ballet School (SNBS) seeks to employ a ballet teacher who wants to be a part of our ABT certified faculty. You are a former soloist or principal dancer who desires to coach the next generation of dancers. If you are not already certified in the ABT curriculum – you will receive the ABT curriculum teacher training in august 2022 with Raymond Lukens and Franco De Vita in Gothenburg.

The Swedish National Ballet School plays a central role in educating dancers in Sweden, as one of only two national educations available. The School is also an organizer of the the ABT Teacher Training Program in Europe, read more here.

Ballet Teacher at SNBS

As a ballet teacher at SNBS you will teach classical ballet, point and repertoire. You will also mentor a group of students in understanding, formulating and how to reach their goals. As a teacher and mentor you will maintain a holistic approach toward the artistic, mental and physiological development of your students and their achievement of goals.  

You will work in co-operation with the School’s team of dance teachers to ensure a high level of artistic development among your students. You will be at the forefront of research and development of methods for ballet instruction and prevention of training-related injuries.

In your role as a dance teacher the formal aspect of teaching is combined with that of acting in the capacity of a coach and a mentor. You will be expected to lead your students both individually and as a group in formative assessment through to comprehension. You are open-minded and capable of handling a large variety of personalities. You are capable of constructive, direct and respectful dialogue with students and parents alike. You are a responsible and supportive adult role model with the ability to interact with the students based on their level of progress.

In addition to teaching and mentoring, the job includes practical and administrative work related to performances, events and tours as well as travel and visits related to the syllabus, general supervision of dance students and dissemination of information.

The position as dance teacher and mentor at the SNBS is offered to an individual who lives for dance and is passionate about extending innate and documented pedagogy skills to young dancers in their formative years. You are inspired by the growth and development of your students as well as by progress among your fellow teachers. 

We offer you a unique position in a warm collegial environment characterized by varied and eventful days marked by plentiful contact with employees, students and parents.


We are looking for an individual with experience of teaching classical ballet. We require that your have an international dance career with experience of leading roles in a professional dance company.

We require that you have relevant administrative skills and are an experienced user of information and communication technology. Since you will work with children 10-16 years of age, previous experience of goal-oriented work with this age group is highly meritorious. 

As an individual, you have a compelling, developmental and active personality. You excel in a role where personal initiative is both expected and welcome. You prefer a structured work environment and are clear in your leadership and in your communication. You are a co-operative spirit capable of establishing new relationships and rapport between students, colleagues and professional contacts. You are adaptive and responsive, you have the ability to meet and master challenges, and, lastly, you have a natural ability to inspire colleagues as well as the ability to support and instil enthusiasm among students.

To apply send you CV along with a personal letter to the Artistic Director of the School Sebastian Michanek:

If you have any question about the ABT curriculum or how it is to move to Gothenburg and be a ballet teacher at the school, you can contact one of our ABT teachers Jon Ugarriza:

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