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Apply no later than February 27th, 2023!








Apply to the Swedish National Ballet School – A Unique Secondary School

The Swedish National Ballet School in Gothenburg is a municipal compulsory school with a focus on dance.

Regardless of which municipality you live in, you can attend the Swedish National Ballet School.

You can apply for years 4 and 5 as well as for the available places in years 6-9. You do not need to have any dancing experience before you start in year 4. With us, you get to learn dance from the ground up. The school is free of charge.

Here you get the opportunity to develop in classical and modern contemporary dance while you study the compulsory school’s academic subjects. Already in year 4, students from the entire region travel every day to our unique secondary school in Gothenburg.

If you have questions about admission, contact the National Agency for Education

Apply no later than February 27th, 2023!

The National Agency for Education handles all applications.


To be admitted to the secondary dance education in years 4-9, an approved audition in dance is required before a jury and an approved health examination. All applicants must do the audition tests in dance. It takes place as dance lessons, led by educators in front of a jury. The jury assesses the applicants according to the National Agency for Education’s assessment criteria for audtion tests in dance:

› Dance technique
› Artistry
› Musicality / Sense of rhythm
› Focus on tasks
› Physical conditions
› Overall assessment

Health examination

All applicants who pass the final audition test undergo a health examination. The purpose is to ensure that the applicant can complete the training without obvious risk of injury. The health examination contains both an orthopedic and a general medical assessment.


The Admission Process

The Dancers Education Council is responsible for admissions. The council are also the ones who appoint the juries who assess the audition tests. Any decisions on admission cannot be appealed.

Here’s how the admission process works:

  1. The applicant’s guardian submits an application via the National Agency for Education’s website.
  2. Applicants are called to audition tests in the municipality where the school is located (Gothenburg or Stockholm).
  3. The audition tests are carried out at each location.
  4. Applicants who have passed the audition tests complete the health examination.
  5. The Council for Dancer Education will then decide on admission. The guardians then receive a letter with information on acceptance. Please note that applicants who have been accepted must respond to the admission letter no later than the date specified in the letter.
  6. If there is room for any reserves, the relevant applicants will be contacted.
  7. After admission, the information about those admitted is sent to the respective school. Thereafter, it is the school and its principal who are responsible for the future contact with students and guardians, not the National Agency for Education

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to send us an email:

If you wish to be contacted by phone, please write down your telephone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. During the auditions, staff from the school and parents of current students are on site to answer any questions.

We hope to see you then!

Dance Camp during the sports holiday February 2021

Free for everyone who is in school year 3 and year 4

During the Half Term holiday 13-15 February (3 full days) and 16-18 February (2 full days) we hold a FREE dance camp for all children who are in school year 3 and year 4 in western Sweden and who want to try dancing at the Swedish National Ballet School.

The dance camp is held between 09.00-15.00 and is completely free of charge and it is first come, first served.

We will test out dancing ballet, street dance and character dance as well as doing some acrobatics and drama lessons. The last day ends with a show where all children join the Circus Ballet and show their parents what we did during the camp.

The children are left at the school between 09.00-09.30 and picked up between 15.00-15.30.

Articles about the School

In Swedish

Frågor och svar

Frågor och svar

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På Svenska Balettskolan får alla elever en egen Mac

På Svenska Balettskolan får alla elever en egen Mac

Svenska Balettskolan är en grundskola för årskurs 4 – 9. Men här får eleverna också en förberedande elitutbildning i dans. Det ställer stora krav på lärande, effektivitet och utrustning. Som elev i Svenska Balettskolan läser man alla teoretiska grundskoleämnen för...

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Därför presterar elever på Svenska Balettskolan bättre

Därför presterar elever på Svenska Balettskolan bättre

Fysiskt aktiva barn mår bättre och presterar bättre i skolan. Det är känt från en rad forskningsrapporter. Men på Svenska Balettskolan i Göteborg är det ingen nyhet att barn som tränar dagligen och får rätt support har lättare att koncentrera sig och når bättre...

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