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Sebastian Michanek Artistic Director

We welcome all our sister schools in the Nordics to join us for the 2024 edition of the Nordic Seminar in Gothenburg, August 4-10, 2024. The event is a continuation of the well-established cooperation between the Nordic Ballet Schools and the successful seminars from the previous years.

The Student Program is open for students age 13-16 at the member schools of the network, National Finnish Opera Ballet School in Helsinki, Norwegian National Ballet School in Oslo, Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm, Royal Danish Ballet School, Iceland National Ballet School and Swedish National Ballet School in Gothenburg.

The Nordic Teacher Seminar is open for dance teachers and professional dancers, read more about the Nordic Teacher Seminar here.


Important information

Access Card

The Access Card has information about which school you come from with your name. 

The card indicates which teachers each student will have and which meals are included for each person along with emergency information and important contacts.

The Access Card is used to access the school and meals, and must be worn at all times during the seminar.

Important Info

In case of fire alarm or other events meeting point will be in front of either the main entrance of the school or of the hotel

Contacts of Seminar Coordinators

Pernilla +46 70-564 44 07 / Ola +46 70-672 07 50

Check-in and registration

15.00-16.00 at the hotel, Sunday 4/8

Link to the Hotel

See schedule links above

Sugar and Health Policy

Swedish National Ballet School is a sugar free school and has a broad focus on health. We encourage all guest to follow and reflect on the importance of making good choices of what we eat.

All meals and snacks during the seminar should be healthy and good for you. If you need to have some sweets, we ask you to wait until school day has ended.

“Sugar free” soda, soft drinks and other products that is based on sweeteners are also a part of the the policy.

Due to possible allergies all kinds of nuts and sesam products are not allowed at the school.


We encourage everyone to share your good pictures during the seminar with the hashtag #nordicseminar and #swedishnationalballetschool

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The seminar

Amount of Participants

We are 206 participants

122 students

84 teachers, musicians, dancers, parents and staff


Codes of Participants

GOTSwedish National Ballet School in Gothenburg

HELNational Finnish Opera Ballet School in Helsinki

OSL Norwegian National Ballet School in Oslo

STORoyal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm

COP – Royal Danish Ballet School in Copenhagen

GUESTTeachers/musicians from other schools and companies

Dance classes

The students will have classes in ballet, contemporary, floor barre and repertoire. Ballet- and contemporary classes and repertoire will be taught by international teachers that are regular guest teachers and friends of the Swedish National Ballet School in Gothenburg.

Ballet Complementary Training (30m)

Classical Ballet (1h 40m)

Classical Repertoire (1h 30m)

Strength Training (30m)

Contemporary Class and Repertoire/Creation (1h 40m)

For presentation of teachers, see below.

Seminars for Teachers

During the week teachers from all schools and external guests will meet for seminars and workshops.

The seminars will be about functional range mobility, ballet complementary training and exploring ABT’s National Training Curriculum.

Read more about the Nordic Teacher Seminar here

Seminar showing

Saturday we will present what we learned within the classical repertoire and the contemporary classes at Selma Theater, located walking distance from the school.

As the tradition we end the seminar with a presentation of the work we have done during the week. Each group will show extracts from both classical repertoire and contemporary work.


Meals & Activities

Scandic Hotel Backadal


Breakfast 06.30-09.30

Lunch 11.20-13.00

Dinner 18.00-18.50

Snacks 14.00-15.50

Lunch, snacks and dinner will be served each day at the school


Checkin – Sunday 15.00-16.00

Welcome meeting, get to know each other – Sunday 16.00-18.00

Seminar party for students – Tuesday 18.00-20.30 

Liseberg activity for student – Thursday 14.00-20.30

After Work for teachers and staff – Thursday 18.30-20.30 



Liseberg – Gothenburg amusement park

The Crew

Seminar Crew


Johan Holmberg, Principal

Sebastian Michanek, Artistic Director

Nina Höglund, Deputy Artistic Director

Louise Sjöstedt, Deputy Artistic Director

Ola Beccau, Deputy Artistic Director

Seminar Coordinators

Pernilla +46 70-564 44 07 / Ola +46 70-672 07 50

Parent Association Leaders

Magnus, Erik, Sandra, Saga och Melina

Ballet Teachers

Emma Idén

ABT® Certified Teacher

Emma Idén has recently worked as the artistic director for the Swedish Ballet School in Piteå. Emma has been trained as a dancer since the age of 10 at the Royal Theatre’s Ballet School and the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. Emma has always been interested in teaching and has worked in this field parallel to her career as an active dancer. She furthered her education to become a pedagogue at the University College of Dance and has been teaching mainly classical ballet since 2003 around Sweden and as a guest pedagogue abroad. During her twenty-five years as a dancer, Emma has been employed at the Royal Opera, the Norwegian Opera, Malmö City Theatre, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, as well as in several independent projects.

Schedule Code: EI

Jenny Malmborg

ABT® Certified Teacher

Jenny Malmborg was trained at the Malmö City Theatre’s Ballet School (now Malmö Opera) and the Ballet Academy. In Malmö, she has participated in several major full-length ballets, such as Napoli and The Sleeping Beauty. She has also been active in international dance companies. Jenny is a trained dance pedagogue at the University College of Dance in Stockholm and has been working as a pedagogue for over 20 years.

Schedule Code: JM

Jon Ugarriza

ABT® Certified Teacher

Jon Ugarriza has worked with the Victor Ullate Ballet, Zaragoza Ballet, English National Ballet, Tetsuya Kumakawa K-Ballet Company (Japan), the National Ballet of Portugal, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsballett Berlin, and the Basel Contemporary Ballet in Switzerland. Jon is also a member of the Jury of Diputación Foral de Bizkaia. As a choreographer, he has developed pieces for top performers at the Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Staatsballett Berlin, Opéra de Nice, Bavarian State Opera, Joffrey Ballet in Chicago, and the New York City Ballet. Jon has a degree in Choreography and Dance Technique Performance from the Ministry of Education and the American Ballet Theatre® National Training Curriculum in New York.

Schedule Code: JU

Judith Simon

ABT® Certified Teacher

Judith Simon is a former prima ballerina with the Royal Ballet. Her repertoire ranges from pure classics like the Queen of Swans in Swan Lake to dramatic roles like Aili in Birgit Cullberg’s The Moon Reindeer. Throughout her dance career, Judith has worked with many prominent ballerinas and coaches such as Maya Plisetskaya, Natalia Makarova, Dame Beryl Grey, Merrill Ashley, Sir Peter Wright, Galina Samsova, Valentina Savina, Monica Parker, Georgina Parkinson, Lynn Seymour, and others. These ballet legends have inspired her and given her invaluable knowledge in her current role as a pedagogue and coach.

Schedule Code: JSI

Kyoko Matsumoto

ABT® Certified Teacher

Kyoko Matsumoto is a former dancer with the GöteborgsOperans Dance Company and GöteborgsOperans Ballet. Kyoko trained as a dancer in Japan and later as a dance teacher at The Royal Ballet School in London. As a dancer, Kyoko understood the need for complementary dance training to both rehabilitate and prevent dance injuries, and she is now a certified Pilates instructor (Alan Herdman).

Schedule Code: KMO

Ola Beccau

ABT® Certified Teacher

Ola Beccau was educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and the University College of Dance in Stockholm as well as at ABT in New York and has a professional career as a dancer with, among others, Östgötabaletten, KCDC, and Adekwhat. He is a frequent guest teacher at Alvin Ailey, Skånes Dansteater, Random Dance, Vietnam National Ballet, Vanemuine Ballet, and others. Ola has also been a ballet master at the Danish Dance Theatre, worked with naprapathy at the Royal Opera in Stockholm, taught dance at the Ballet Academy’s professional dancer program in Stockholm, and served as a university lecturer at the dance teacher education program in Piteå.

Schedule Code: OB

Roman Rumyantsev

ABT® Certified Teacher

Roman Rumyantsev has extensive experience as a ballet dancer. Roman is a former soloist at the Moscow City Ballet, Moscow Classical Ballet, Imperial Ballet, and the Kremlin Ballet and has also guest-performed and collaborated with, among others, the Moldova National Opera Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet. Roman had a natural aptitude for teaching early on and has for many years shared his extensive knowledge and experience in Sweden and internationally. Roman is also trained in stage folk dance and character dance in Russia and is the head teacher of stage folk dance at the school.

Schedule Code: RR

Susanne Lindström

ABT® Certified Teacher

Susanne Lindström understood early on that dance would be a big part of her life. Theater, music, and the stage were something that attracted her. As a dancer, Susanne worked at Malmö Opera (then Malmö City Theatre), Thalia Dance Company in Gothenburg, and as a freelance dancer in Sweden and abroad. Susanne decided that she not only wanted to dance herself but also to teach others this wonderful art form. She sought out one of the world’s leading ballet schools to further her education as a ballet teacher at The Royal Ballet School Teachers Training Course.

Schedule Code: SL

Tania Rodriguez

ABT® Certified Teacher

Tania Rodriguez was educated at the National Institute of the Arts INBA in Mexico, after which she danced professionally with the Mexico City Ballet (Ballet Company for Youth) and the National Ballet of Mexico (Compañía Nacional de Danza, México). She received her practical training and pedagogue diploma from the Canada National Ballet School Diploma program TPPD (DIP) in 2006. After graduation, she moved to Oslo to teach students in classical ballet at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. With her extensive professional experience in teaching, program and curriculum development at the high school level, Tania has also worked with the rehabilitation of injured dancers and practical guidance. As a professional consultant, she has created independent workshops and courses for students and dance teachers, driven talent development, and served as an examiner. She has worked internationally as a jury member and with coaching young competitors in the world’s leading dance competitions. Tania’s teaching focuses on promoting practical experience and knowledge from a holistic perspective and with a scientific and evidence-based approach.

Schedule Code: TR

Contemporary Teachers

Felix Skalberg

Contemporary teacher

Felix Skalberg graduated from the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg in the spring of 2014. He then moved to the Netherlands to tour with the dance company “The Kiss Moves” led by Dorottya Kiss. Since then, Felix has worked with choreographers such as Sigge Modigh, Fotis Nikolaou, Olof Persson, Toby Kassel, and Ingeborg Zackariassen, among others. As a choreographer, Felix has since 2016 created works for 3 Våningen, Gothenburg Fringe Festival, and Atalante.

Schedule Code: FS

Mauro Rojas

Contemporary teacher

Mauro Rojas has danced in several dance companies both in Sweden and internationally. He has worked as a pedagogue for over 30 years and created works for, among others, the Swedish Ballet School, international dance competitions, and the openings of the Gothia Cup at Ullevi and Scandinavium.

Schedule Code: MR

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